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Contents tagged with downy mildew

7 May 2020

A review of control measures for blackberry downy mildew

6 August 2019

Innovations in glasshouse climate control, new varieties, downy mildew and post-harvest treatments for cut flowers

13 May 2019

We've launched a three-year research programme to revolutionise understanding and improve control of downy mildew and late blight in horticultural crops and potatoes.

14 February 2019

Exploring downy mildew in protected cut flower crops.

19 March 2020

Access disease management guidance for oilseed rape from this page

18 March 2020

Downy mildew of basil was first reported in the UK during the summer of 2010 on protected plants in the south-east of England. The aim of this factsheet is to help growers identify symptoms of the disease early and to provide options for its control.

16 July 2018

This factsheet describes the symptoms of downy mildew and how it spreads in rhubarb plantations. It provides guidance on disease avoidance and summarises both cultural and chemical control measures.

23 May 2018

Recent advances have been made in the knowledge of downy mildews, white blisters and species of Phytophthora that affect above ground tissue in fruit, vegetable and herb crops. This factsheet highlights information relevant to the management of aerial oomycetes and suggests areas where greater understanding is still needed.