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24 June 2019

MH is applied to the growing crop as a foliar spray, not as an in-storage treatment; this also enables it to provide control of volunteers/groundkeepers in potato.

21 June 2019

First open day at Strategic Potato Farm East, hosted by James Foskett Farms

24 June 2019

There are new label restrictions on the sprout suppressant Maleic Hydrazide

19 June 2019

Chlorpropham’s (CIPC) status as a herbicide and sprout suppressant has not be renewed.

10 June 2019

James Foskett Farms will take over as SPot East hosts in September this year

12 June 2019

Potatoes events, from conferences to field walks, held across Britain this summer

6 June 2019

Summer events preview, Meet the regional team, Assurances for seed exports to Egypt, Next Gen visit Westminster

6 June 2019

Funded one-to-one visits for store managers worried about forthcoming change

5 June 2019

Our analysts look at how the potatoes market is expected to perform, using the latest available data

5 June 2019

Trials on herbicides, desiccation, water management and dormancy are planned for 2019

23 May 2019

The future of disease control, followed by a 'what do I get for my levy?' Q&A

8 May 2019

The Environment Agency has downgraded irrigation prospects for the 2019 season what can growers do now?