UK daily milk deliveries

Updated 11 June 2021

This survey shows a daily volume of milk delivered to dairies, as a seven-day rolling average figure, across GB. We compare the latest production to the previous week, previous year and the AHDB forecast. UK delivery information is available in the data download.


  • GB milk deliveries are 0.3% down compared to the previous week.
  • They are now running 1.7% above the same week last year – equivalent to 0.60 million litres.

Additional information

AHDB estimates overall milk production from a weekly survey of the largest milk buyers covering approximately 75% of volumes in GB. The volumes are scaled up based on other available data, including the official Defra production statistics.

Figures are collected every week from dairies and may include some estimates which are also subject to retrospective changes.

Week-on-week changes are adjusted to negate the impact of every-other-day collection, which can lead to day-to-day swings in the volume of milk collected.