Funding Your Future 2023 – Dairy

In 2022, you, the levy payer, took part in the Shape the Future vote and told us the priority areas for your levy to be spent.

The clear message from the Dairy sector was that the areas most important to you were marketing, promoting the reputation of dairy farming, using data and evidence to underpin that reputation, and exports.

Key work we are delivering for you

Acting upon that, over the past year, we have:

  • Delivered targeted marketing campaigns promoting dairy and to influence attitudes towards dairy, such as the We Eat Balanced TV, retailer and social media campaign that reached 43 million adults
  • Worked with industry and governments to open and maintain export markets. Total dairy exports were 1.2m tonnes in 2022
  • Continued to focus on further growth in key export markets, such as North Americathe Middle East and China
  • Promoted and protected the reputation of dairy, stressing the benefits of eating British dairy and challenging the reporting of facts relating to dairy by the BBC, some plant-based brands and several academic studies
  • Provided independent genetics and genomics data used across the industry. Our genetics services provide evaluations of over one million cows each year

This is on top of a wide range of other work we carry out on your behalf that individuals or commercial organisations are unlikely to do.

What the levy increase will fund

The extra investment will allow us to continue our vital work and carry out more of what you asked us to do.

The levy increase in the Dairy sector will fund:

  • Extra marketing campaigns targeting key consumers
  • Increasing our education work with schools and young consumers
  • Highlighting the low environmental impact of production
  • Stimulate more export demand to grow overseas sales

How much has the levy gone up by?

The new levy rate has increased by 0.02p per litre to 0.08p per litre.

The average dairy levy payment is £990 per year, so the rise equates to an extra £330 annually or £6.35 per week.

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