Sector plans

AHDB is undergoing a period of radical change, driven by the need to be more accountable to levy payers and by the rapid changes affecting farmers, growers and processors.

Delivering the Future of Farming

In the summer and autumn of 2022, each of AHDB’s four sector councils met to consider the Shape the Future results alongside the industry context.

The meetings culminated in the creation of four sector-specific plans, which set out the work AHDB will address over the next three to five years. They were launched at the Delivering the Future of Farming event on 10 November 2022. 

Explore the Delivering the Future of Farming sector plans by clicking the links below. 

Shape the Future vote

We carried out our Shape the Future vote in April and May 2022, in which thousands of levy payers had their say on what their sector needed most and the relative importance of AHDB’s different areas of work. They also ratified new members nominated to the four sector councils.

View the Shape the Future results and outcomes

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