GB animal feed production

Updated 7 November 2019
This information shows the volume of animal feed produced by manufacturers in GB and the amount of raw materials used in the process. It is updated each month and is used to produce the UK cereals supply and demand estimates.

Overview: September 2019

The decline in animal feed production slowed in September, with total GB feed output(1) for the month totalling 1.224Mt, 4% down on the year. This takes season to date (Jul-Sep) animal feed production to 3.303Mt, 6% lower than the same period last year.

The decline is mainly driven by ruminants, with poultry feed output relatively unchanged and pig feed production up on year earlier levels. With more ‘normal’ conditions this summer compared to the hot and dry summer months of 2018, it’s no surprise that ruminant feed usage is down, in light of better pasture and forage availability.

In terms of cereals used in animal feed production from July – September 2019:

  • Wheat usage is 5% down on year earlier levels at 1.166Mt;
  • Barley demand is up 4% at 296Kt;
  • Maize inclusions are up 23% at 125Kt.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2019/20, according to the AHDB 2019/20 Early Balance Sheets overall animal feed production is expected to be lower on year earlier levels, driven by a fall in ruminant feed output outweighing a rise in pig feed production, however this is very much dependant on conditions over the winter and into spring. It is also expected that the proportion of cereals used in animal feed production is likely to change somewhat as the season progresses.

It is unlikely that maize will continue to be included at the same rate as it has been, with the price of any origin imported maize going from over a £15/t discount to delivered East Anglian feed wheat end-October 2018 to now a premium of around £15/t. Furthermore, with substantial domestic crops of both wheat and barley this season, it is likely more domestic grain will be used in rations in 2019/20. The first official UK Cereal Supply and Demand Estimates are provisionally scheduled for release on 28 November, and will include more information on cereal usage by the animal feed sector for the 2019/20 season.

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(1) Includes data from compound processors and integrated poultry units; (2) % change relates to the same period in the previous year; (3) Season to date comprises of July to September 2019 data. Due to rounding, totals may not agree with the sum of the individual items.                             

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