Market Intelligence: The Data and Analysis Team

The Data and Analysis Team (D&A) engage with hundreds of data providers and process millions of lines of data each year to produce critical information for the UK agricultural industry.

Team overview

D&A Team infographic

Our robust processes and timely delivery of high-quality datasets mean we have gained an internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for our Quality Management System.

Joanne Cook heads up our D&A team which has three sub-teams covering the Beef, Lamb, Pork, Dairy, and Cereals and Oilseeds sectors as well as a Data Development Team to help improve processes.  

Beef and Lamb sub-team

We produce the hourly, daily and weekly finished prices from the 128 auction markets trading across England, Wales and Scotland. We also report store cattle and sheep sales regionally on a weekly basis alongside dairy cattle and rearing calves

The auction market prices produced are also used as the basis for bovine TB compensation payments in England. Further information is available on the TB Hub factsheet. 

Another key activity we do is collecting, validating and publishing the weekly deadweight prices from abattoirs slaughtering cattle and sheep.

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Pork and Dairy sub-team

We produce the Standard Pig Price (SPP) and All Pig Price (APP), which involves processing the prices of approximately 150,000 pigs each week with the SPP series being the most frequently quoted price-reporting measure for the GB pig industry. As well as the price, the series show weight, probe and lean meat percentage information.

We also produce a range of Dairy market information. The Milk Price Calculator is one of MI’s flagship tools that lets users to compare prices across a range of contracts by inputting their own information. This allows them to see where changes can be made to achieve the best milk price possible. The team also produce vital weekly milk production estimates, which are a key indicator for the industry.

In addition, we also produce our bespoke monthly GB fertiliser price series and collate a range of third party information relating to prices, trade, production, supply, demand and farm expenses.

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Martin Doherty, Senior D&A Manager. Email:

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Arable sub-team

We process data for cereals and oilseeds, running several primary price surveys including Corn Returns (which dates back to 1882) and feed ingredient prices. We also collect data from third party sources to give more information to our levy payers, including price data for markets overseas and trade data.

The cereal usage surveys we run show the volume of animal feed produced by manufacturers in GB, the amount of raw materials used in this process and the use of cereals by flour millers, brewers maltsters and distillers and oat millers in the UK.

As well as the day-to-day data collection and dissemination, we run a number of larger surveys: The Planting and Variety survey for cereals and oilseeds that gives an indication of planted areas for the upcoming harvest. The Cereals Quality Survey, which shows key parameters of wheat and barley quality. The Merchants, Ports and Coops stocks survey that shows the volume of cereal stocks held in the UK at the end of February and June.

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Lucy Stewart, Senior Analyst. Email:

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Data Development sub-team

Our focus is to harness greater value from data for our levy payers. We drive innovation and change by supporting colleagues across Market Intelligence (MI) to develop systems that help improve the accuracy and timeliness of data for the industry. We also build dashboards and tools to ensure information is presented in an easy to understand, engaging and informative format

Expertise in our team includes Power BI, SQL, SISS, database management and other more technical aspects of the data collection process. We are also responsible for the management and continuous improvement of the MI quality management system, which is certified to the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Contact the team

Kevin Dowle, Data Development Analyst. Email:

Jon Musty, Quality and Data Development Analyst. Email: