Cereal Quality Survey

Updated 18 Aug 2019
The Cereal Quality Survey is an annual survey looking at the key paramenters of wheat and barley quality for the most recent harvest.


  • With Harvest 2019 fast approaching, we will be starting to build our database of cerals quality results and releasing reports in the coming weeks. For notifcations of when our surveys are released sign up to our Weekly Market Report and Grain Market Daily.


Cereal Quality Calculator

This clever tool lets you see the relationship between the three markers for wheat quality – Hagberg falling number, specific weight and protein content. You can explore the data by selecting different groups, varieties or areas, as well as changing the specified ranges of the quality markers.

How to use the Cereal Quality Calculator

The tool is made up of three overlapping circles with a number in each section. Each number relates to the percentage of the overall sample that falls within the range of each marker.

It is currently set to a default – Nabim group 1 for the whole UK for the current year. See below for a visual breakdown of what this means.

Cereal Quality Calculator guide