Share the facts about red meat and health

We've all seen claims that red meat is bad for your health. Actually, we believe it plays a central role in a balanced diet.

To help you share that message, we've put together a number of fact-based tools with the Meat Advisory Panel (MAP) which help highlight the positive health benefits of eating red meat.

Red meat: The good stuff

  • Lean red meat is packed with vitamins and minerals that help boost good health and wellbeing

  • Almost 98% of households eat meat in the UK

  • Meat is a valuable source of protein, iron, zinc, B vitamins, vitamin D, selenium and iodine

  • There’s no proven, causal link between red meat and cancer. Any alleged link is from an associative study only. So for instance, this is the kind of study that can link a rise in hedgehog deaths on the roads in Asia with a rise in TVs in households in the US.

What about the environment?

We're all concerned about climate change and our impact on the environment. Which is why it's important to share factually correct information about sustainability and how livestock farming actually helps manage the countryside.

We've put together more useful messages and resources to help you take part in those conversations.

Red meat and the environment

How much red meat should we eat?

Not sure how much red meat is too much? Our video features a handy portion size guide for red meat to clear up any confusion. There are also tips on how to include nutrient-rich meat in a healthy, balanced diet.

Red meat and health images

Download these images to help share the positive red meat message on social media.

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