Cooking and eating

19 June 2024

Pork sales in retail are struggling while other proteins see growth. We look at why consumers are switching away.

14 June 2024

How have our eating habits changed and what are the main concerns driving our dietary decisions?

29 April 2024

Despite rising prices, dairy remains popular at mealtimes

18 April 2024

Key prospects for British mozzarella

5 April 2024

Despite the dramatic change in consumer eating habits over the last five years, meat remains a mealtime staple for many.

28 March 2024

Long term, red meat has lost share to white meat and convenience products.

28 March 2024

Meat has risen in popularity despite the continued pressure from rising food prices during the last year.

28 March 2024

What changes have we seen to consumer eating habits over the last few years?

16 February 2024

Valentine’s dinner classics including beef steaks, cheese and desserts are predicted to perform well this year

6 February 2024

The trend for home baking has recovered during 2023 with a return to sweet home baking proving most popular.

25 January 2024

Our Feed Your Family for Less with British Pork marketing campaign returns

2 January 2024

While prepared meals are an occasional choice for most, we see these meals play a role in 90% of consumers diets in 2023.