Cooking and eating

27 May 2022

What are the opportunities for meat and dairy within flexitarian consumers?

23 May 2022

Burgers and grills look set to steal the party ‘crown’ next week for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

1 April 2022

Sales of red meat pre-prepared meals have grown 2.4% in the last year, with the number of shoppers choosing convenient meals now at a five-year high.

1 April 2022

Retail value sales of ready meals are at a 5 year high as shoppers turn to convenience meals.

28 March 2022

As the cost of living dramatically increases and consumers feel a degree of financial pressure not experienced since the 2008 financial crisis, we explore what are the causes of this, what is the effect on consumer behaviour and what will be the likely outcomes for meat and dairy sales.

22 March 2022

Exports are the engine which drives economic growth. Every year, the UK exports around £1.5 billion worth of red meat around the globe, with more than 550,000 tonnes of sheep meat, beef, and pig meat shipped in 2021.

2 March 2022

Veganuary led to a rise in retail sales of meat alternatives but the sector’s growth has begun to decelerate, with market share remaining small.

7 February 2022

Dairy retail sales soar on pre-pandemic levels

4 February 2022

February is a ‘rare’ month for steak, with people 14 times more likely to indulge in a tender cut than at any other time of the year.

27 January 2022

The latest results of our AHDB/Blue Marble study show that consumer perceptions of agriculture remain very positive with almost two thirds (63%) feeling very or somewhat positive towards British agriculture.

1 December 2021

Processed red meat accounts for 39% of value sales and 96% of households bought a processed meat product in the last year.

16 December 2021

What is predictable for meat and dairy?