Early Bird Survey - Final Results

Updated 16 Sep 2019
The Early Bird Survey (EBS) takes place each autumn to assess national cropping intentions. It is undertaken by The Andersons Centre, with the help of the Association of Independent Crop Consultants (AICC) and other agronomists.

Results adjusted due to Defra June Survey revision

  • Following the adjustment to the June Survey data by Defra on May 31st 2019, there needed to be adjustments made to the Early Bird Survey (EBS) of intended cropping area.
  • The adjusted 2018 English areas have now led to a smaller forecast new crop area for wheat, barley and oilseed rape.
  • At 1,818Kha, the UK wheat area forecast has been reduced by 52Kha.
  • The EBS area revision is down 8Kha for winter barley and down 12Kha for spring barley, the total UK intended barley area stands at 1,166Kha.
  • Our revised EBS forecast puts autumn intentions of oilseed rape planted area down by 14Kha to 561Kha.

Final Results of Early Bird Survey December 2018

Additional information

More than 80 agronomists took part in this year’s survey to gather data from almost 570,000 hectares of arable land across all regions of the UK.