GB deadweight pig prices (EU spec)

Updated weekly

The APP (All Pig Price) is the GB average deadweight pig price achieved by producers each week. The SPP (Standard Pig Price) is the average price for GB standard pigs, those that have not received a premium for the production system, feed regime or breed. The prices are collected from voluntary surveys. These prices are for carcases dressed to EU specification.

In the week ending 21 November, the EU-spec SPP slipped by 0.16p to average 153.89p/kg. The measure is now 4.72p below a year ago.

Estimated throughput at British abattoirs during the week was 178,200 head. This was down 7,700 head on the previous week and over 10,000 head below the 5-year average for the time of year. Reports suggest that COVID-19 impacts continue to challenge processing plants. Slaughter at the levels we’re currently estimating would likely contribute to a growing backlog of pigs waiting on farms, as throughputs at this time of year are usually much higher.

However, do note that estimated slaughter numbers are calculated using the SPP sample and Defra monthly figures. When throughput at plants is challenged, pigs owned by the integrators may be prioritised for slaughter, meaning the proportion of the kill in the SPP sample is lower than usual. This could mean our estimates are on the low side, as was the case in August. Defra figures for November will be released in mid-December.

Carcase weights averaged 87.68kg, 560g lighter on the week but just over 3kg heavier on the year.

In the week ending 14 November, the EU-spec APP averaged 158.66p/kg, a fall of 0.42p on the week. The measure is now 1.54p below the price for the same week last year.

In February 2020 the weight bands we publish were amended. This report below provides some historical figures for comparison purposes. Data by weight band is published  on a weekly basis in our SPP full report.

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