Farm business income

Updated 6 September 2019

Latest UK dairy farm business income statistics by region on an annual basis.

Source: DEFRA, SEERAD, Welsh Government, DARD

Additional information

a) Data shown is average farm business income at current prices with figures rounded to £500. All figures are accounting years ending February.

b) Data from 2003-04 to 2008/09 is based upon Standard Gross Margin (GSM) typology 

c) 2009/10 data for England, Wales and Northern Ireland nased upon Standard Output (SO) typology. Scotland results revised from 2009/10 to reflect new weighting methodology.

d) England and Wales results derived from 2010 standard output coefficients from 2012/13. Nothern Ireland from 2013/14.Scotland have yet to change from 2007 standard output co-efficients.

e) England, Wales and Northern Ireland 2013/14 onwards are derived using 2010 standard output co-efficients. Scotland are based on 2007 standard output coefficients.

f) Scotland results derived from 2010 standard output co-efficients.

* Provisional

How is Farm Business Income worked out?

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Farm business income