Our market development strategy is all all about helping your businesses thrive. Our teams work to create a healthy market for your product by exploring new opportunities overseas, developing and maintaining domestic markets and helping you give the customer what they want. 


Domestic marketing

We work tirelessly to make sure food and farming is promoted and better understood by domestic consumers.

Our domestic marketing team exists to help the industry understand and deliver what consumers will trust and buy. Additionally, their aim is to engage younger shoppers with messages around convenience, versatility and speedy midweek options, with underpinning themes of health and nutrition.

The team works closely with our in-house Consumer Insight team to understand consumers’ buying habits and keep up with current trends and factors affecting target audiences.

To make sure our campaigns have the widest possible reach, we work closely with a number of industry partners, including Red Tractor, the NFU, Dairy UK, Seafish, Ladies in Pigs and Ladies in Beef.



The new £1m campaign ‘Cheeky Beef’, which launched on the May 28, 2018, extolls the virtues of simple but delicious thin cut beef steaks which deliver quick, easy and tasty meals solutions. The campaign uses provocative headlines along with mouth-watering imagery to set the pulses of consumers racing. All campaign elements were researched and crafted for the 25-45yr old target audience, and will be advertised through digital, print and out of home media.

Thin cut beef steaks are versatile, tasty, work within easy to make and familiar dishes that are perfect midweek quickie meals. We know many younger consumers monotonously cook on auto-pilot the same dishes in the same way. We want to encourage them to swap thin cut beef steaks into their routine meals, and spicy-up their usual midweek food.


AHDB (GB), in conjunction with Interbev (France) and Bord Bia (Ireland) was successful in applying for funding from the EU of €10m to promote lamb in their domestic markets during 2018, 2019 and 2020. The GB budget is €1.5m per year, with the AHDB contribution to this of £300k. The campaign aims to modernise the image of lamb, promote the sustainable message of lamb farming, and increase knowledge of the health benefits of lamb.

The GB campaign targets 25-35 year olds, and promoted health messages that resonate most with this audience, prioritises lamb cuts that are less expensive, develops recipes that are quick and easy and focuses on couples and families with children under 4 years of age.

The campaign will have its major burst of activity during the peak English lamb period of March to October to coincide when domestic product is most available.


The Department of Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs was established in 2017 to remind consumers of their love of dairy.

Using a spoof Public Service Announcement tone of voice, the campaign targets young parents with messages around taste and enjoyment. Working as part of the Dairy Market Development Forum, this is a true example of cross industry partnership working, with Dairy UK and members including Arla, Müller, Glanbia and Dairy Crest contributing to the project.

Dairy UK 'Department of Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs' online spot (supercut) from Thomas Adams Casting on Vimeo.

See the latest from the Department of Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs:


In 2015, AHDB Pork launched the first phase of its 3 year plan aiming to rejuvenate the image of pork by framing it in a more modern light and make it more appealing to a younger audience.  Continuing in 2016, the ‘Pulled Pork …Achieve Lazy’ campaign was watched by millions on TV and showed how with very little effort you can create some wonderful mouth-watering pork dishes.  It took the nation by storm, producing great sales results and successfully positioned pulled pork as an easy dish to cook at home.

In September 2017 the second phase was launched with a focus on the midweek meal occasion, showing people how easily pork can fit into their everyday lifestyles.  Suggesting a range of lean pork cuts that are quick and simple to cook midweek, the campaign was led by humourous TV adverts suggesting people should ‘Break up with Boring’ and try pork medallions as a tasty, healthy* alternative to chicken.  Also featured in print, digital, PR and social, the adverts have helped to shift consumer perceptions and brought new consumers into the category.


The Potatoes: More than a Bit on the Side campaign is a three-year EU co-financed programme, working alongside Bord Bià to encourage younger consumers to reappraise their attitudes towards potatoes being fattening and difficult to cook.

Through Bud the Spud’s 'cheeky chappy' tone of voice, we're promoting recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less, coupled with fat-free and gluten-free messages. Potatoes have never been so on-trend!

Explore Bud's recipes at at

Enjoy fish & chips

Our work with Seafish aims to showcase the results of the largest piece of research carried out into consumer attitudes to Fish & Chips, as well as analysis allowing shops to understand the nutritional composition of their product. Through B2B activation, shops have been shown how offering a larger range of portion sizes can benefit the customer offering, and managing their portion control more tightly has a positive impact on their bottom line.

Accessing the global marketplace

Every year we strive to develop new markets for British food overseas and we’re always looking for the next opportunity. Working with pork processors, we’ve grown pork exports to China to over 80,000 tonnes in just 10 years. And this will only become more important as we leave the EU.

We’re working on opening up the Philippines for beef, Kenya for seed potatoes and have gained approval for exporting lamb to Saudi Arabia. The latest big win is an agreement from the Chinese authorities to lift the ban on British beef.