'Our market development strategy is about helping your businesses thrive. We work to create a healthy market for your product by developing and maintaining domestic and overseas markets and helping you give the customer what they want and will enjoy. That's why we invest over £19m in marketing and export development every year' - Christine Watts, Chief Officer (Communications and Market Development) 


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Christine Watts

Chief Communications and Market Development Officer

Anna Farrell

UK Marketing & Communications Director

Rebecca Miah

Head of Marketing - Crops and Dairy

Liam Byrne

Head of Marketing - Pork, Beef and Lamb

Donna Neary

Marketing Team Manager

Gareth Renowden

Senior Marketing Manager - Beef and Lamb

Stu Baker

Senior Marketing Manager - Crops and Dairy

Carrie McDermid

Senior Marketing Manager - Pork

Natalie Dacre-O'Grady

Digital manager (marketing)

Peggy-Sue Elliot

Social media manager

Accessing the global marketplace

Every year we strive to develop new markets for British food overseas and we’re always looking for the next opportunity. Working with pork processors, we’ve grown pork exports to China to over 80,000 tonnes in just 10 years. And this will only become more important as we leave the EU.

We’re working on opening up the Philippines for beef, Kenya for seed potatoes and have gained approval for exporting lamb to Saudi Arabia. The latest big win is an agreement from the Chinese authorities to lift the ban on British beef.