Meat sales and processing tools

Everything you need to make the most of Quality Standard Mark meat. Resources include our calculator tools to help improve your profit margins, yield and cutting guides full of practical knowledge and our essential Meat Purchasing Guide featuring more than 700 quality meat cuts.

Meat Purchasing Guide

This is an essential guide for anyone purchasing beef, lamb, pork, mutton and veal.

The Meat Purchasing Guide features more than 700 quality meat cuts to inspire product development.

Simply search for the cut you want and you’ll find demonstration videos, cutting specifications and related content.

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Yield guides

These guides and manuals are designed to help you make the most of the meat you sell. Here you will find practical knowledge about how to maximise profits from the carcase, as well as charts that break down yield information according to cuts.

Image library

Are you planning a promotional campaign? Perhaps you need pictures for your next advert or social media post?

Choose from thousands of images of raw meat, cooked recipes and landscapes in our image library – just sign up.

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Beef and lamb butchery videos


A range of cutting guides and publications designed to help maximise opportunities within the halal market.

More translations

Translation sheets for the Lamb Cutting Guide for the Halal Market are available to download and print. Click below to download a zip file containing translations in Urdu, Bengali (Bengla) and Arabic.

Halal: Lamb cutting guide translations

Export guides

These guides are aimed at helping businesses operating in the export market to make the most of Quality Standard Mark beef and lamb. Here you will find cutting guides and specification manuals in a number of different languages.