Funding Your Future 2023 – Pork

In 2022, you, the levy payer, took part in the Shape the Future vote and told us the priority areas for your levy to be spent.

The clear message from the Pork sector was that our most important work for you was around marketing, exports and reputation – which includes education, environment, animal health and welfare, and reputational defence.

Key work we are delivering for you

Acting upon that, over the past year, we have:

  • Boosted the attitude towards British pork for UK consumers of all ages with targeted, effective marketing campaigns  For example, the Mix Up Midweek TV campaign reached 27 million adults, while the latest social media campaign was seen 68 million times
  • Promoted British pork overseas, working with governments and industry to open, keep open, and optimise export marketsBritish pork was sold in over 91 countries during 2020–2022; last year, 370,000 tonnes of British pig meat were sold overseas, generating an extra £624m
  • Protected and promoted the reputation of British pork and the industry that supplies it. We use facts to counter mistruths and address concerns over the impact of pork consumption on human health, animal health and welfare, and the environment

This is on top of a wide range of other work we carry out on your behalf, such as educating schoolchildren and working with governments and industry to help prevent and limit the impact of disease, that individuals or commercial organisations are unlikely to do.

What the levy increase will fund

The extra investment means we can continue our vital work and carry out more of what you asked us to do.

An increase in the Pork levy will allow us to:

  • Do more to regularly remind consumers and governments of the high integrity of British pig meat, boost sales and ensure appropriate policymaking
  • Create more impactful marketing campaigns to inspire consumers to enjoy pork and target those more likely to question meat eating
  • Pursue export sales to underpin pig prices here
  • Champion British pork through our educational work with younger consumers and push back on mistruths surrounding the pork industry
  • Ensure governments have the facts on the low environmental impact of pork production and work to ensure farmers are rewarded for the progress they make

How much has the levy gone up by?

The levy has increased by 21p per pig:

  • up by 17p for producers
  • up by 4p for processors

The previous producer and processor levy per pig was 85p and 20p, respectively.

If you have a question, contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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