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Pork markets

The latest industry data, analysis and insights from the pork sector to help inform your business decisions.

Key market information

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28 May 2020

Finished pig prices continued to rise in the first quarter of 2020. However, an increase in feed and labour costs have eroded away some of the potential margin gains.

28 May 2020

Total pig meat imports into Germany were 7% lower than a year earlier in the first quarter (-20,000 tonnes).

27 May 2020

During the week ending 23 May, the EU-spec SPP rose again, up 0.17p on the week to average 164.51p/kg.

21 May 2020

In March, UK imports continued to track below previous year levels for most products. Meanwhile, overall exports recorded very marginal growth on the year.

21 May 2020

EU fresh/frozen pork exports were up again in March, with shipments to non-EU markets amounting to 268,500 tonnes (+7% year-on-year).

21 May 2020

Tariffs on domestic pigs and most pork products will remain equivalent to the existing tariffs implemented under the EU regime.

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