We believe children should have a clear understanding of how food is produced, and a positive impression of British farming. That’s why we’ve partnered with the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) to offer a programme of compelling, evidence-based educational resources to teachers across the UK

AHDB Education 2018-2021

Our education work is based on research carried out with over 1,300 teachers, and experience gained through our successful Grow Your Own Potatoes, Meat & Education and Grain Chain programmes.   

The strategy focuses on engaging young people across Britain with exciting projects, resources and facts that bring farming, food and nutrition together.

Download the full AHDB 2018-2021 education strategy for more information on our education work.

Get involved

As part of our education work we also offer resources for use outside of schools. Maybe you have a school visit planned or a school coming to you?

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Current education programmes

As part of the new education strategy all curriculum-linked resources from our current sector-specific programmes will move across to the enhanced Food - a fact of life website, due to go live in October 2018.

In the meantime they can be accessed via the usual channels:

Grain chain

Promoting nutrition, cooking, provenance and food sciences; this campaign is run in partnership with nabim (National Association of British & Irish Millers) and the Federation of Bakers.

Grain Chain educates 5-16 year-olds on where cereal-based foods come from, the principles of nutrition, a healthy balanced diet and the skills required to cook with cereal based foods. 

Lesson plans, interactive classroom games and other resources can be found on the Grain Chain website.

Visit the Grain Chain website


Potatoes education

Educating younger people on the potato’s nutrition, versatility and convenience is a core part of our education strategy.

To do this, we currently have three potato programmes.

For more information on these visit:

Grow Your Own Potatoes (primary schools)

Cook Your Own Potatoes (secondary schools)

Prep Cook Serve Potatoes (catering students)

Meat and Education

Aimed at 14-16 year olds, lesson plans and other resources can be found on the Meat and Education website.

Visit the Meat & Education website 


Promoting the benefits of dairy as part of a healthy balanced diet; this programme is run in partnership with the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF).

Curriculum linked resources for schools can be found on the Food – a fact of life website.

Visit the Food – a fact of life website

Industry collaboration

Our new strategy will see us actively working to avoid duplication by complementing not competing with, or replicating existing initiatives. Existing education providers we'll be working alongside include: