From soil health to slurry storage to net zero, our resources can help you to make your business more productive and profitable, while providing public goods like affordable food, carbon removals and nature recovery.

The effects of global warming on our climate is impacting farmers more than most, with extreme weather becoming more and more frequent. Driven by the burning of fossil fuels and the growing demands of an increasingly wealthy global population.

But other factors like land use change, habitat and biodiversity loss, pollution, and soil and resource depletion are also having an impact on the natural world. As a result, as custodians of 70% of the Nations land, UK farmers are being asked to deliver more for the benefit of society.

To enable farmers to provide these public goods like affordable food, carbon removals and nature recovery, a whole environment approach must be adopted. With that, AHDB will work so that reporting reflects these positive actions, bringing farming the recognition it deserves.

Three ways to improve the environment and resilience of your farm business: 

  • Baselining – You can only manage what you measure, so measure what you have.
  • Net zero – Balance how much carbon your farm business releases vs how much it removes.
  • Public goods – Delivering multiple goods and services for society requires a holistic approach.

Environment baselining pilot

Get independent data about your farm business and natural landscape that will empower your business success while helping the industry redefine how farming is seen on the environmental stage. We are looking for up to 170 farmers and growers with an interest in improving their environmental performance, ready to actively participate in this industry-first pilot.  We are accepting expressions of interest until 30 June 2024. 

Find out more and express your interest here

Net Zero





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AHDB works with levy payers, policy makers and others in the food supply chain to improve agriculture’s environmental impact and overall sustainability. While demonstrating that environmental efficiency can also bring with it economic opportunities.

We support our farmers with the evidence and tools to inform their business decisions, and help build capacity to deliver safe, secure, and sustainable food within a healthy and diverse landscape.