A knowledge exchange programme to help farmers and growers save energy

  • Access the latest technical information on energy saving techniques and technologies to cut use and cost
  • Find information on energy security and volatile market prices 
  • Explore how agriculture and horticulture can start to move towards becoming ‘zero carbon’ industries
  • Find out about upcoming events, workshops and study tours.

Please note we are currently moving all our content from growsave.co.uk and this page will be updated soon. 

GrowSave Information Hub

Why is the GrowSave project in place?

All farming and growing systems rely on energy use - from storage facilities for crops such as potatoes and cereals and apples; through to lighting systems in livestock and climate control technology in protected horticulture. All of these systems will use electricity, for example through pumps, fans, fences, refrigeration, dryers etc. and so topics such as energy markets, current legislation and alternative sources of energy are important for all AHDB levy payers.

The GrowSave project has previously been focused solely on horticulture - protected edible, protected ornamentals, and soft fruit crops - but as energy saving and management is clearly critical across wider AHDB sectors the project has now been expanded into the Cereals, Dairy, Pork and Potato sectors.

With all this in mind, GrowSave aims to be your one-stop shop for all things energy related!

Who is involved with the GrowSave project?

The GrowSave team consists of the UK’s leading horticultural energy specialists from NFU Energy, who have extensive experience of working with growers and farmers to reduce energy costs. This means that the information is independent, unbiased and of high quality. By working with a network of industry partners, we give you unique and unrivalled access to the latest information about how the UK’s leading farmers and growers are increasing efficiencies and saving energy.

Who can I contact for more information?

For further information please contact Knowledge Exchange Manager Nathalie Key on nathalie.key@ahdb.org.uk or NFU Energy on info@nfuenergy.co.uk