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Air movement  

Good air movement in a protected growing environment is an important part of creating an even climate and can help improve crop quality and uniformity.  

It is important to consider the best way of moving air around your greenhouse or polytunnel based on your crop type and the production system you use, to find the right solution.  

Cost and energy use should also be considered. While installing fans may be an expensive upfront cost, pipe heating will have higher energy costs and boilers may need servicing and maintenance. A well-designed fan arrangement will achieve better air movement and a more even climate than pipe heating, and should be less expensive in the long-term. 

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As you know, lighting is a vital consideration in the management of your glasshouse environment. There have been significant improvements in horticultural lighting technology in recent years, but there are also things you can do to enhance the natural light in your glasshouse to benefit the crop. Read more in our technical updates below.

What is Next Generation Growing?   

Next Generation Growing (NGG) is about giving the crop exactly what it needs, when it needs it. The techniques create an environment in which the plant thrives, so photosynthesis is maximised in the given light levels.   

Pioneered by Dutch growers, Next Generation Growing is a set of techniques that increases the efficiency of glasshouse production. If implemented well, it can also lead to a 20% reduction in heat use. 

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