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Market information, Brexit and business support

Potato market analysis

Regular updates on prices and markets in your sub-sector or region. You will also find analysis from our markets team and our annual reports on planted area, stocks and production.

Potato market insight

Latest potato prices

Retail and consumer insight

Brexit and the potato sector

As the UK prepares for the end of transition in January 2021, use this page to access the latest news, insights, government guidance and technical advice for the agri-food industry.

Use the link below for the contact details of our Brexit team - who will be glad to speak to you about Brexit and potatoes.

EU exit: fit for the future

More business support resources:

Use the links below to access potato health and safety training in six languages via our popular Safe Potato Operations online modules, and learn more about our Next Generation Programme for those who want to grow their career and network within the potato sector

Safe potatoes operations: health and safety training

Learn more about our Next Generation Programme

Market information key contact

Storing your potatoes

The latest research findings, advice and tools for the long term storage of potatoes.

Growing your potatoes

Strategic Potato (SPot) Farms

The SPot Farm programme is a network of potato growers throughout the UK hosting scientific research on their farms, paid for by a £1.5m annual R&D investment fund. You can find out how the latest levy funded research could work in practice on your farm, by learning from growers who are running field trials

Get the latest field trial results via our SPot pages


Our free and easy to use benchmarking tool helps to identify where strengths and weaknesses lie within a farm business. By comparing results anonymously to farms with similar enterprises, you can improve business performance and prepare for the challenges such as price volatility and Brexit

Understand your strengths: Farmbench benchmarking tool

Your Potatoes Knowledge Exchange Team

The Knowledge Exchange (KE) team via your local KE Manager is your first point of call. The team is dedicated to helping you access our research, tools and events:

North West and North East

Image of staff member Graham Bannister

Graham Bannister

Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager - Potatoes

See full bio

Scotland (acting)

Image of staff member Richard Meredith

Richard Meredith

Interim Head of Arable Knowledge Exchange

See full bio

East Anglia and South East

Image of staff member David Wilson

David Wilson

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Potatoes

See full bio

East Midlands

Image of staff member Amber Barton

Amber Barton

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Potatoes

See full bio

Wales, West Midlands and South West

Image of staff member Alex Wade

Alex Wade

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Cereals & Oilseeds

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Board and governance

Get involved

Contact your local KE manager if you'd like to discuss how to make the most of what we offer. Or see the following pages: