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You can still access popular content on the AHDB Potatoes legacy website, such as the Planting returns portal and the Grower Gateway newsletter. Potato store managers can also call on information and support from an £800,000 fund that has been ring-fenced for sprout suppression and storage advice, as the future of Chlorpropham (CIPC) use remains uncertain. Click the boxes below.

Latest Potato News

13 January 2020

The way consumers view health is changing and one size does not fit all.

7 January 2020

The NFU's Next Generation Forum and AHDB today hosted a fringe event at the prestigious Oxford Farming Conference to help launch a new multi-agency vision to transform the skills landscape.

Your Potatoes Knowledge Exchange Team

The Knowledge Exchange (KE) team via your local KE Manager is your first point of call. The team is dedicated to improving the flow and uptake of knowledge throughout the supply chain in order to:
  • Improve marketable yield and crop value

  • Understand the cost of production

  • React to a changing environment and legislation

North West and North East

Graham Bannister

Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager - Potatoes


Claire Hodge

Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager (Scotland) - Arable

East Anglia and South East

David Wilson

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Potatoes

East Midlands

Amber Barton

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Potatoes

Wales, West Midlands and South West

Bill Watts

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Potatoes

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