Global cattle prices

Updated 12 May 2021
Around the world farmgate cattle prices vary, affected by various factors, most obviously supply and demand. Some of these factors are more local in nature, and might include logistical and supply chain issues, such as transportation costs between farm, abattoir, cutting plant and dispatch location, or problems with processing capacity.

Additional information

Other influences might be the state of the domestic economy.  Some countries consume large amounts of domestic production and therefore while their exports are influential on the global market domestic developments can have more of an influence on domestic farmgate prices.

Globally, many commodities including beef, are traded in US dollars, and so exchange rates can also play an important role. Revenues and costs may well be in a different currencies, and so the margin between them can vary, sometimes dramatically.

It is also worth keeping in mind that specification variations between countries might mean the major prices quoted in each country may not be immediately directly comparable.