Market intelligence

Our world is changing. Prices, markets and supplies shift continuously. Our customers and competition are increasingly global. All at a time when we’ve never had so much data available to us. And yet making sense of all this information has never seemed so challenging.

Our market intelligence team provides farmers, growers and food businesses the world-leading intelligence and insight to inform decisions. Whether it is the latest prices or shifting consumer trends, detailed insight on the big issues or the future outlook for supply or demand for agricultural commodities, our team of experts can help provide the information you need. You can find out more about the team by viewing our Key Contacts and Data and Analysis Team web pages. 

Our work 

Chances are that you’re familiar with some of the statistics and insight we provide. Our pricing data is widely available in the markets pages of the farming press, for example. Similarly, our work to help the farming industry understand some of the key impacts of Brexit through our Horizon series of reports has been widely used. Our independence and impartiality are critical to our role and we value our responsibility in providing our industry with the best evidence and opinions available.


Market intelligence online

For the full range of MI outputs, both across farming sectors and along the supply chain, visit our our markets and prices page. 

There, you can access a range of sector-specific data and statistics directly, to help you in your own analysis and decision making. You can also find the latest news and in-depth analysis from our analysts, and discover what changing consumer trends mean for our industry and understand how they may impact your business.

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