UK cattle marketing chain

04 November 2021
This diagram outlines the size and value of the UK cattle marketing chain

UK beef and veal balance sheet

Production 898.4 914.5 932.1
Fresh/frozen imports* 361.9 314.6 308.9
Processed imports* 91.8 67.1 68.0
Total imports* 453.7 381.7 376.9
Exports* 147.1 174.3 152.7
Total consumption 1,205.0 1,121.9 1,156.2
Self sufficiency (%)** 74.6 81.5 80.6

Total supplies of meat available for consumption. All weights are carcase weight equivalent.

Source: AHDB, Defra, HMRC, IHS Maritime and Trade Global Trade Atlas ®

Flow chart for beef marketing chain

Additional information

*Further publication of the trade data is prohibited, unless expressly permitted by HIS Maritime & Trade - Global Trade Atlas®

**Self-sufficiency is based upon production as a percentage of consumption

***Liveweight and deadweight split excludes calves and are estimated using GB data

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