Beyond Borders: working together for your export success

Our new strategy supports AHDB’s ambition to help increase market access and export sales, by championing the reputation of UK products overseas and to encourage more businesses to explore export possibilities.

Beyond Borders: working together for your export success sets out AHDB's ambitions and 7-point plan to enable more businesses to develop their export potential.

Exports and international market development is a critical part of our work for levy payers.

We already deliver a raft of key activities, working with industry stakeholders to ensure a presence at key global food trade events.

We work collaboratively with industry and government to help UK exporters of red meat and dairy products maximise the opportunities available in existing and new markets.

Speaking at the AHDB Export Conference at Butchers' Hall in London, Chair Nicholas Saphir said:

"A sustained collaborative effort between industry and Government, underpinned with AHDB's support including market and consumer insight, is key to helping our exporters build on the successes already achieved.

"Our strategic approach set out in Beyond Borders is very much aimed at helping our levy payers succeed in this and to encourage more businesses to look at exporting. Not only will it help levy payers improve overall returns, but it will also support the UK Government's wider ambition to become a 'Great Trading Nation'.

"As strategists and boots on the ground, AHDB is the indispensable bridge, connecting the Government’s trade diplomacy and promotion work with successful and aspirational exporters with a common goal to deliver commercial deals on the global stage."

Exports overview

Global markets are in strong growth, with wealth and demand for meat and dairy products increasing.

Capitalising on opportunities

Our ambition

In today’s market, we must be agile enough to respond to and anticipate changes in the global economy, by unlocking new lucrative markets, while tightening ties with traditional trade allies. 

Increasing market access and driving exports

Implementing our ambition

Our action-focused plan will underpin our ambitions for businesses as we continually improve our service offerings.

Our 7-point plan for success

Collaborative action

We support the Government’s ambition to hit £1 trillion in exports by 2030, working closely with levy payers across the supply chain and with UK Government departments and agencies.

Why this commitment is important

Delivering success

We have a strong pedigree in unlocking export opportunities and financial benefits for levy payers through the supply chain.

Our critical role in market access

Pinpointing opportunities

The expansion of the middle classes in emerging markets across the globe is strengthening the demand for protein and imported foods.

Identifying export potential

Meet the team

Our Export team works to identify and increase access to new overseas markets and develop them for British exporters.

Who they are and how they can help

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