Beyond Borders: our ambition

Our ambition is to increase market access and drive exports to underpin prices.

In today's market, we must be agile enough to respond to and anticipate changes in the global economy by unlocking new lucrative markets, while at the same time tightening ties with traditional trade allies.

We know global markets want our high-quality goods and services.

Exports of red meat and dairy topped £3.6bn in 2022 (increasing from £2.8bn in 2021), demonstrating added value across the whole supply chain.

And we start from a position of strength by continuing to increase our market access and export sales opportunities, encouraging and inspiring more businesses to export, providing our expertise and assistance and continuing to connect UK business with overseas buyers.

AHDB commits to measuring our impact by sharing with you the number of markets open, volume of trade and the value it brings.

AHDB's export ambitions

  • Increase market access and export sales by improving the reputation of UK products overseas
  • Encourage and inspire more UK businesses that can export but have not started or are just beginning
  • Inform UK businesses by providing tools, information, advice and practical assistance on exporting
  • Continue to connect UK businesses to overseas buyers, international markets and each other under a unified umbrella export brand

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