Leadership and management materials

Thank you for your interest in our leadership and management courses. 

Following the Shape the Future vote, AHDB can no longer deliver leadership and management courses. However, materials from our AgriGrow and AgriPro course are available below.

We also continue to offer the AgriLeader programme for those leading farms and businesses who want to develop the skills they need to push their business to the next level. 

AgriGrow and AgriPro

In collaboration with the University of Lincoln, AHDB’s AgriLeader team developed two courses, AgriGrow and AgriPro:

  • The AgriGrow course was designed to help those looking to develop leadership abilities and move into management roles
  • The AgriPro course was designed to help those looking to develop into the next level of management

Understanding the communication process in the workplace

This Level 3 module is for anyone wanting to improve their communication skills on the farm, or for those wishing to upskill. 

  • Understand the nature and importance of the communication process in the workplace
  • Discover the different methods of communication
  • Learn how to assess the effectiveness of your own communication

Access the workbook for 'Understanding communication in the workplace'

You can also watch the accompanying presentation on 'Understanding communication in the workplace' (YouTube, 9 minutes) by educator, trainer, blogger and mentor Crissey Hewitt, an international philanthropy specialist and MBA candidate at the University of Bath. 

Understanding leadership

This Level 3 module is for those who seeking to develop their leadership skills and abilities, or who aspire to leadership roles. 

  • Get a comprehensive overview of leadership and management
  • Learn about different leadership styles
  • Find out how to motivate and develop a team
  • Develop the skills and confidence to succeed in leadership roles

Access the 'Understanding leadership' workbook

Watch the accompanying video for 'Understanding leadership' (YouTube, 12 minutes), delivered by Chrissey Hewitt.

Managing change

This Level 5 module is a starting point to develop proactive leadership skills to navigate today’s rapidly changing environment with greater confidence. 

  • Understand how organisations approach the process of change
  • Understand the skills needed when handling the difficult and demanding tasks of change

Access the 'Managing change' workbook

Watch the accompanying presentation on 'Managing change' (YouTube, 1 hour and 5 minutes) by Nollaig Heffernan, a management consultant working with businesses from sole traders to multinationals who specialises in leadership and organisational psychology.

Managing staff performance and staff development

This Level 5 module provides essential skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage and develop people and teams in the workplace. 

  • Understand how to help develop employees and increase performance levels
  • Learn how to coach colleagues 

Watch the presentation on 'Managing staff performance and development' (YouTube, 42 minutes) by Heather Wildman, who has extensive experience of working with both farmers and the wider industry.   

Managing collaboration and managing negotiations

This Level 5 module provides essential skills and knowledge to effectively collaborate, negotiate and influence people in a working environment. 

  • Understand the principles of effective collaboration and negotiation
  • Learn how to identify and develop collaborative relationships 
  • Learn techniques for influencing others 
  • Discover how to reduce resistance, minimise conflict and achieve win-win situations

Access the workbook on 'Managing collaboration and negotiation at work'

Managing relationships at work

This Level 5 module is for those looking to build, develop and get better results from their working relationships.  

  • Approaches used in managing relationships
  • Understanding emotional intelligence 
  • Learn techniques of conflict management

Access the workbook on 'Managing relationships at work'

Watch the accompanying presentation on 'Managing relationships at work' (YouTube, 38 minutes) by management coach, trainer and facilitator Kim Stafford.