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Milk price changes

Updated 7 May 2020

The latest publicly announced milk price changes as reported by the processors.


The impact of the coronavirus lockdown on demand has had a strong influence on May’s milk prices – click here to read our analysis on this

However, there was a mix of both price increases and decreases announced for May, although the majority of prices were held. Price increases were announced for some aligned contracts in the range of 0.33 to 0.43ppl. For non-aligned contracts any price changes were negative, with cuts ranging from 0.50 to 2.25ppl.

Muller also reversed an early announcement to increase their May milk price by 1ppl, leaving their price unchanged for May instead.

Some processors have also implemented changes to payment schedules and A price volumes, and several have called for their farmers to reduce production.

Looking ahead to June, several companies have announced they will be holding their prices, including Barber’s, Saputo Dairy UK, South Caernarfon Creameries, Crediton, and Muller.

The loss of the foodservice sector due to lockdown has caused chaos on the dairy markets, though some stability did return at the end of April. Overall consumer demand for dairy has been lowered, and the lost capacity has put some pressure on dairy processing as we approach the peak. Until lockdown eases, this situation will continue to put pressure on milk prices.

Please download the dataset below to view the most recently announced milk price changes.

Additional information

The milk price changes may not be fully reflected in the AHDB League Table.

Download dataset

Latest milk price changes