Milk price changes

Updated 4 November 2019

The latest publicly announced milk price changes as reported by the processors.


A handful of milk buyers announced decreases to their November milk prices, in the range of 0.45-0.90ppl. There were also a couple of price increases on aligned contracts for November, with the Müller Co-operative contract increasing 0.01ppl and Tesco contracts increasing by 0.24ppl. The majority of contract prices were held.

Barber’s have announced a hold on its price for December, despite facing export challenges from new US trade tariffs. Saputo/DCD are also holding its December price.

The lower number of announced price decreases reflects a relative balancing in market returns towards the end of summer, when an increase in SMP wholesale prices helped counteract declines in fat prices. Our Milk Market Value (MMV) indicator, based on UK wholesale prices, indicated a likely downturn in market related farmgate prices in the autumn, but is also showing a possible pick up at the end of the year.

Farmers’ revenues look set to be affected by other sources as well as prices in the new year. First Milk has announced that its member premium will increase from 0.25ppl to 0.5ppl from April 2020. It has also announced the commencement of an employee consultation about its proposed intention to close its Campbeltown Creamery.

For Müller’s farmer suppliers in Scotland, a tiered transport charge will be introduced from February 2020, with the fastest expanding dairy farmers being charged the most. This charge will range from 0.25-0.85ppl on all litres for those who have expanded production, based on their 2019 v 2017 actual 12 months production.

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The milk price changes may not be fully reflected in the AHDB League Table.

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