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PhD Studentships call (now closed)

To further research currently undertaken through the AHDB Postgraduate Studentship programme, AHDB is making funding available for up to 10 PhD studentships.

Starting in 2020, these studentships will deliver new experts and science with practical benefits across agriculture and horticulture.

This invitation is open to all UK universities, colleges and research institutes.

Organisations will be expected to demonstrate a record of excellence in the specific area of research as well as providing high-quality and well-managed research degree programmes.

The aims of this programme are to:

  • Deliver useable scientific developments that are relevant to industry and AHDB strategy priorities
  • Communicate findings of this research effectively with levy payers
  • Develop the next generation of technical experts for the agriculture and horticulture industries.

Applicants will be expected to demonstrate that their proposals meet the priorities of at least one of the AHDB sectors participating in the call.

Applications that address issues in more than one sector are also welcomed.

Topics to be considered for funding

*Also to be considered for AgriFood Charities Partnership (AFCP) charitable funding.



Cereals &
 Potatoes Horticulture Beef &
Novel ways to monitor and forecast pesticide usage X  X X
New or existing techniques that will help drive the agricultural industry forward with the use of IPM X  X X
Interpretation of data using machine learning and other data technologies X  X X X X
Utilising data to understand risk of crop pest, weed, crop disease and animal disease outbreaks X X X X X
Optimisation of airflow and sensor technology in potato stores  X
Optimising genetics/crop phenotypes to minimise weed competition (preferably wheat) X  
Analysis of terminal and maternal breeding indexes for sheep   X
Decontamination and remediation methods in CIPC treated stores  X
Novel non-destructive detection of internal defects in potatoes e.g. blackheart and hollow heart  X
Ammonia and/or carbon in the environment*   X* X*
Responsible antibiotic use in calves*   X* X*
Pathways to implementing 'labour replacement' technology   X  
Changing behaviour in labour management   X  
Technologies supporting farm to factory and labour replacement, adaptations of production systems for automated harvesting   X  

How to apply

  • Send queries and applications to
  • The deadline for submissions is before midday on Monday 30 September 2019.
  • Results of the selection process will be announced by Wednesday 8 January 2020.