GB milk hygiene

Updated 5 November 2019

Average somatic cell counts and bactoscan levels for GB are reported, based on an AHDB survey of dairies. 

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  • Bactoscan levels for September averaged 28,000/ml, 1,000 higher than the previous month and 1,000/ml higher than September 2018.
  • Average Bactoscan levels for the 2018 year stood at 27,000/ml, equal to the 2017 average.
  • Somatic cell count (SCC) levels averaged 180,000/ml in September, the same as the previous month and 3,000 higher than September 2018.
  • The average cell count stood at 161,000/ml for 2018, 1,000/ml higher than the 2017 average.

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GB milk hygiene