Funding Your Future 2023 – Cereals & Oilseeds

In 2022, you, the levy payer, took part in the Shape the Future vote and told us the priority areas for your levy to be spent.

The clear message from the Cereals & Oilseeds sector was that the areas most important to you were trusted variety and product testing, independent research and analysis, work across the supply chain, and the exchange of knowledge.

Key work we are delivering for you

Acting upon that, over the past year, we have:

  • Produced the Recommended Lists based on the latest research and provided up-to-date information on fungicide performance
  • Supplied data and analysis on market prices, provided independent fertiliser recommendations via RB209 and carried out priority research
  • Put the latest research and innovations into practice and provided farmer-driven learning and idea sharing
  • Worked with schoolchildren on educational projects, defended the industry from unfair criticism and explored pan-industry initiatives

This is on top of a wide range of other work we carry out on your behalf that individuals or commercial organisations are unlikely to do.

Where your levy is currently invested

A message from your sector chair

What a levy increase would fund

To continue our vital work and carry out more of what you asked us to do we need more investment.

Key areas a levy increase in the Cereals & Oilseeds sector would fund are:

  • Increased independent research
  • Improvements to existing services such as Recommended Lists and RB209
  • More strategic farms to increase farmer-to-farmer learning
  • Setting the ground rules for the developing carbon and biodiversity markets
  • Impartial analysis to earn recognition for environmental progress across the industry
  • Testing and assessing the impact of a wider range of products, such as bio-stimulants