What we do

Transforming farming

We deliver transformational projects to drive productivity and boost farming and supply chain businesses. We want the industry to thrive in a rapidly changing world and continue to produce high quality food, maintain our beautiful landscape and leave a legacy for generations to come.

To cover the whole supply chain; we work with farmers, growers, packers, processers, agronomists, vets and abattoirs. This helps us unify the industry, bridge gaps in knowledge and encourage collaboration to build a stronger future for everyone.

Our four priorities are:

  1. Competitiveness: Inspiring British farming and growing to be more competitive and resilient
  2. Productivity: Accelerating innovation and productivity growth through coordinated Research & Development, and Knowledge Exchange
  3. Consumers: Helping the industry understand and deliver what consumers will trust and buy
  4. Thought Leadership: Delivering thought leadership and horizon scanning to keep the industry ahead of the game

Investing for the future

Each year we invest around £60m in the future of agriculture and horticulture – delivering projects that no one else would. Our work includes opening and developing markets for our farmers and growers products here in the UK and overseas, developing new tools and techniques through innovative Research & Development then delivering them to farmers and growers through our collaborative Knowledge Exchange programmes. We also provide independent Market Intelligence to improve business decision making and help educate the next generation of consumers and farmers..  

As an industry-funded organisation, we’re uniquely placed to help farmers, growers and the supply chain prepare for the changes ahead. This means helping the industry embrace new technologies, techniques and skills to become more competitive and profitable.