Global Dairy Trade events

Updated 15 June 2021

Global Dairy Trade (GDT) events take place twice a month, trading dairy commodity ingredients. Here you will find key results from the latest event.

Latest event summary

  • The overall GDT Price Index fell by 1.3% from the previous event to $4,083 per tonne.
  • 21,522 tonnes of product was sold, mostly WMP and SMP.
  • Next auction: Tuesday 6 July 2021

Additional information

  • GDT events are held on the first and third Tuesday of the month. 
  • Six contract periods are made available which correspond to future delivery periods. 
  • The % change refers to the change in GDT price indices between auctions, not changes in the average weighted price. This gives a more accurate reflection of price movements than using simple weighted average prices because it takes into account changes in available volumes.
  • Average prices reflect the weighted average winning price in US dollars per tonne.
  • Quantity sold is the total tonnage sold in a trading event across all products, contract periods and sellers.
  • n.a. indicates no quantity was offered or sold in either the current event and/or in the prior two events.  It may also mean the prices published for individual products within a group were insufficient for the Price Index to be calculated.

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