GB deadweight pig prices (UK spec)

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The APP (All Pig Price) is the GB average deadweight pig price achieved by producers each week. The SPP (Standard Pig Price) is the average price for GB standard pigs, those that have not received a premium for the production system, feed regime or breed. The prices are collected from voluntary surveys. These prices are for carcases dressed to UK specification.

In the week ending 8 May, the UK-spec SPP gained on the previous week by 1.29p, to average 146.15p/kg. This puts the measure 15.24p below where it was at the same point last year but 3.24p above the five-year average. Looking globally, prices in the US have had strong growth recently whilst EU pig prices have stabilised during the last month.

Carcase weights averaged 88.47kg, 250g lighter than the previous week, however still 2.03kg heavier than this time last year. This is the lightest weekly average carcase weight since October 2020.

Estimated throughput totalled 172,800 head, down 4,900 head (2.8%) week-on-week. This is partly due to the Bank holiday reducing killing days for some abattoirs. Throughput was still a substantial 15% higher than during the week last year.

In the week ending 1 May, the UK-spec APP averaged 147.95p/kg, up by 1.87p on the previous week. This narrowed the gap between the SPP and the APP to 3.09p, this is now the closest the two prices have been since January.

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Please note that the prices shown in the tables on this web page may occasionally differ from the official SPP and APP prices contained within the PDF reports. This is due to rounding and we are working to align the systems. The  SPP and APP PDF reports can be downloaded using the links above on this page and contain additional price by weight band information to help provide more insight. If you have any questions please contact us at

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