We have a broad range of tools to help with everything from benchmarking costs and recording instances of blight, to choosing the perfect varieties of potatoes or cereals for your farm. Take a look at the list below and keep checking back, as we add new tools regularly.


Farmbench helps you to understand and compare your full costs of production at both enterprise and whole-farm level.


Calculate the cost of farm machinery, per hectare or per hour, with this simple calculator.

Cereals, Oilseeds and Potatoes, Horticulture

Blackcurrant Gall Mite Emergence Charts

These emergence charts are designed to help you time your control measures.

Blackcurrant Chilling Hours Tracker

Calculate your blackcurrant chill hours.

Mycotoxin rainfall risk tool

Calculate rainfall-related mycotoxin risk assessment scores automatically with this tool

Carbon footprinting tool

Calculate the carbon footprint of oilseed rape or cereals.

Recommended Lists (RL) app

Cereals and oilseeds variety data delivered to your fingertips.

Fight Against Blight

Find all the recorded incidents of blight across the UK and sign up to Blight alerts.

Potato Variety Database

Independent data on GB-certified potato varieties that have undergone independent resistance testing for key pests, diseases and pathogens.

BYDV management tool

Time your cereals insecticide sprays for aphid/BYDV control with greater accuracy.

Seed rate conversion tool

Calculate the kg/ha of cereal seed you require based on seed rate and the thousand grain weight.

Variety selection tool

Navigate AHDB Recommended Lists trial data and identify varieties your unique situation.

Onion downy mildew predictor

We have developed MILLIONCAST to predict the rate of development of downy mildew spores based on temperature and relative humidity.

Sclerotinia closeup

Sclerotinia risk report

See the extent of risk of Sclerotinia infection of oilseed rape crops in your area.

Beef, Lamb, Dairy and Pork

Beef and Sheep Cash Flow Template

This comprehensive spreadsheet will help you to manage your money.

Dairy Antimicrobial Usage (AMU) Calculator

A calculator to evaluate antibiotic use across your farm and identify areas for potential reduction.

Electronic medicine book for pigs

The electronic medicine book for pigs (eMB-Pigs) enabling the industry to record more accurate on-farm antibiotic usage data.  

Heifer Rearing Cost Calculator

This calculator allows you to see how changes in management affect rearing cost of for birth to weaning, weaning to six months and six months to calving. 

KPI Express Tool

Quickly review dairy performance figures against a range of measures critical for productivity and profitability.

Milk Price Calculator

Input farm-specific data and see where changes can be made to improve the milk price on your current contract.

Recommended Grass and Clover Lists

Explore the varieties on the Recommended Grass and Clover lists for england and wales looking at attributes such as yield, persistency, quality and disease resistance.

Semen usage calculator

By selectively using sexed semen to breed replacement heifers from your best cows, you can reduce rearing costs by only rearing the heifers you need.

Milk forecasting Calculator

Understand how changes to herd size, yields or calving patterns affect your milk production.

Sheep Antimicrobial Usage Tool

This calculator is designed to provide an estimation of antimicrobial usage.