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Our slurry wizard helps you work out slurry storage requirements, explore options and comply with regulations

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Our slurry wizard enables you to work out your slurry storage requirements and explore different storage scenarios to comply with regulations.

By entering basic farm information such as herd numbers, yard and roof areas that capture rainfall, and housing periods, the wizard calculates the volume of slurry that the farm will produce on a monthly basis. This data, together with the farm’s current slurry storage capacity, is used to calculate how long it takes to fill the available storage and whether more capacity is needed.

Slurry wizard key features:

  • Calculates the total amount of nitrogen produced to allow those farming within an NVZ to meet the obligation to stay beneath the required threshold
  • Explore the potential impact and cost from changes to infrastructure such as redirecting rainwater, roofing dirty yards, increasing storage capacity or installing a slurry separator
  • Provides a cost/benefit analysis for fitting rainwater goods to redirect clean water and covering dirty yards 
  • Understand the impact of changes such as increases in herd size, moving from straw yards to cubicles, introducing outside loafing areas, changes to the housing period and dirty water management can be quantified. 

Recent changes to the the wizard include a more accurate calculation for the volume of an earth-banked lagoon. The dimensions of the top of the lagoon are needed as, unless the lagoon is covered, the rainfall captured by it needs to be quantified and allowed for. But its available volume relies on the calculation for a prismoid, allowing for the 750 mm freeboard required by the regulations.

Another enhancement involves the need to include expected rainfall. Average rainfall figures are, by definition, only average and do not allow for the wetter than average year, which will of course occur 50% of the time. The formulas used to predict expected rainfall have been incorporated into the wizard and have been accepted by the Environment Agency for demonstrating compliance and planning new storage facilities.

Download the slurry wizard user guide