Beef & Lamb

21 January 2022

RamCompare: phase III

20 January 2022

The GB liveweight OSL SQQ slipped 5p to average 263.22p/kg in the week ending 19 Jan

24 February 2022

Difficult calvings have a huge impact on the performance of a suckler herd and have a detrimental effect on calf performance and cow fertility.

17 February 2022

Join us for a focusing on harvesting maize and feeding it to livestock

10 February 2022

Join us for a webinar focusing on the agronomy of growing maize

3 February 2022

The key factors to consider when thinking about growing maize

19 January 2022

The GB deadweight all-prime average price stood at 407.2p/kg in the w/e 15 Jan

19 January 2022

Exports in the year-to November were down 20%, to 62,200 tonnes. There were some challenges to exporting in 2021 with not only the on-going Covid-19 pandemic but also new trading arrangements and trade friction post the end of the Brexit transition period.

19 January 2022

Volumes of beef traded in and out of the UK increased year-on-year in November.

19 January 2022

Halal opportunities for sheep farmers

19 January 2022

Introducing cattle into arable rotations to ‘beef’ up the profit margin

19 January 2022

Cattle and sheep producers are helping to demonstrate their stewardship credentials