Dairy market analysis

Keeping up to date with all of the latest Dairy market information is crucial. Here we have all the latest analysis and insight from our industry experts to help guide you through market movements and provide a clear, impartial view on what it all means.

Latest market news

22 January 2020

UK butterfat levels in October and November were considerably above what we normally see at that time of year, likely a reflection of this season's silage quality.

21 January 2020

China has announced reductions to a range of import tariffs for 2020, including for whey and most cheeses.

16 January 2020

The pound saw two significant shifts through 2019, which gave extra swing to the relative price of European and British dairy commodities.

16 January 2020

Throughout GB average milk yields continued to track above the previous year, even though producers have moved back to a forage based system.

9 January 2020

As we enter a new decade we look at the key dynamics playing out in the dairy market and how they might influence the markets in the coming year

7 January 2020

Australia is currently facing extensive and severe bush fires, including in several key dairying regions.

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