Dairy market analysis

Keeping up to date with all of the latest Dairy market information is crucial. Here we have all the latest analysis and insight from our industry experts to help guide you through market movements and provide a clear, impartial view on what it all means.

Latest market news

Global exports in dairy products are forecast to fall by 4.1% in 2020, according to the FAO. What could this mean for the UK?

Top spring block calvers optimise stocking rates to get nearly twice as many kilos of milk solids from every forage hectare.

Farmers knocked an estimated 55 million litres off volumes in GB through April and May. But how did they manage it?

Over the next decade (2020-2029), global milk production is expected to rise by 1.6% per annum.

When it comes to selling bull calves for rearing at auction, the breed of the calf has a big impact on price.

Lockdowns across Europe and the US occurred just as producers approached peak production. With the loss in demand at foodservice, markets were severely disrupted with knock-on effects on milk deliveries.

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