Crop development

Updated 12 Nov 2019
This interactive tool helps show the condition and growth stages of different crops. The chart is split into regions and uses colours to show different conditions. You can also use the bottom chart to see growth stages of cereals or oilseeds. The data for this interactive report is updated monthly.


The overall condition of the GB cereal crop is good to excellent, with low weed, pest and disease pressure. However, there are some crops showing signs of water stress on light sandy soils and thin stony soils, leading to an overall reduction to the good and excellent rating. 

  • GB winter wheat is rated at 83% Good & Excellent, down from 92% in March
  • GB oilseed rape is rated at just 50% Good & Ecellent, down from 57% in March

Oilseed rape crops in Southern, Eastern and Midlands regions have been badly affected by cabbage stem flea beetle, with an estimated 10% of the planted area of winter oilseed rape lost over winter. A further 19% of crops are in poor or very poor condition, and are expected to see yield losses.

Where very poor crops remain in the ground it is estimated that yields may be reduced by 20-40% compared to normal for the farm. Many of the crops affected by CSFB larvae had poor pod set and often short pods.

However, in the north and west the condition of the crop is better with a higher proportion of crops considered to be in good to excellent condition.

With cereal crop conditions looking good, there is an expectation for a larger wheat and barley crop for 2019/20, with a need to be export competitive. However, oilseed rape prospects are worsening and the UK is likely to be in a significant oilseed deficit.

How to use the dashboard

  • Use the drop down menu at the top of the first chart to view the crop conditions of a particular crop in each region.

  • Use the drop down menus at the top of the second chart to view the percentage of a crop at each growth stage. The drop down menus can also be used to show the information for a particular region.

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