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We want the UK food supply chain, from farm to fork, to understand the needs of modern food consumers and that their attitudes toward cooking, buying and eating are important considerations for the whole supply chain.

This means we want you as farmers, growers, retailers and processors to be as well informed about consumer behaviours and retail trends as possible, so we can create a world-class domestic and export food industry.

The rise of plant-based food products and implications for meat and dairy

Senior Analyst Susie Stannard explains the rise of veganism and what's driving people to cut down on red meat and dairy. Click here for the full report

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International Consumers

3 January 2019

Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly wealthy and their dietary patterns are changing. We take a look at how these changes are affecting demand for imported food and where the opportunities lie for exporters to China.

3 January 2019

The United States has some of the highest levels of food consumption in the world. We discover how their desire for low cost but high quality affect consumer demand and how premium British products could stand out in this highly competitive market.

3 January 2019

Japan's consumers are wealthy, highly urbanised and ageing. They seek convenient meals to fit around their busy lives and have a strong interest in health and wellbeing. We identify opportunities in Japan for exporters of British foods.

31 March 2018

As Brexit draws closer, we hear much about the opportunities new export markets present for British food and farming products.

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