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Beef market analysis

Keeping up to date with all of the latest beef market information is crucial. Here we have all the latest analysis and insight from our industry experts to help guide you through market movements and provide a clear, impartial view on what it all means.

Latest market news

28 May 2020

There have been many significant challenges in the US beef market since March.

28 May 2020

The continued lack of significant rainfall in the UK has raised concerns for the quality of the quality of the planted crop.

27 May 2020

The all-prime GB average price rose 7.7p on the week, to average 337.6p/kg.

21 May 2020

In March, UK exports of fresh and frozen beef were virtually unchanged in volume compared to the year before, although values fell. UK imports declined in volume and value on the year also.

21 May 2020

Since the end of March, bull calf prices have been on an upwards trajectory.

21 May 2020

Earlier this week the UK government announced the new Most Favoured Nation (MFN) tariff regime which will apply to all imports from countries who do not have a trade deal with the UK. For beef and lamb, the tariffs broadly mirror the level of the EU’s current Common External Tariffs.

Key analysis

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