12 June 2020

What if we told you, cooling slurry in storage is reported to reduce ammonia emissions by up to 75% and the heat extracted can be used to heat livestock housing, thus reducing energy costs and the use of gas and oil?

11 June 2020

Reducing CIPC levels for future crops could make the difference between having a saleable crop or not.

1 July 2020

This arable magazine covers a variety of AHDB-funded activities

14 May 2020

The options and regulations for disposing of milk

26 June 2020

Cleaning guidelines for reducing chlorpropham (CIPC) from potato stores and equipment

6 April 2020

The AHDB Potatoes board has launched research tenders for the future of storage research

1 June 2020

Read our list of FAQs on how to deal with storage challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis

10 March 2020

Ewes with low protein levels have a higher risk of losing lambs between scanning and birth according to the latest research findings.

4 February 2020

Businesses warned not to use CIPC at 2020 store loading

3 February 2020

Research has shown MH should be an integral part of a sprout suppression strategy.