Updated Slurry Wizard tool

Tuesday, 10 October 2023

Our Slurry Wizard tool has been updated to improve user experience as it is required once again for round two of Defra's Slurry Infrastructure grant application.

The Slurry Wizard tool enables farmers to work out their slurry storage requirements and explore different scenarios to make sure they comply with regulations, including SSAFO, Farming Rules for Water, Control of Agricultural Pollution (Wales) and NVZ.

By entering basic farm information such as animal numbers, yard and roof areas that capture rainfall, and housing periods, the wizard calculates the volume of slurry that the farm will produce every month.

This data, together with the farm's current slurry storage capacity, is used to calculate how long it takes to fill the available storage and whether more capacity is needed.

Recent updates

  • Making rainfall data and predictions more accurate
  • Assessing every 1 km2 of locality
  • Making the tool more usable and effective for pig producers by allowing slurry and wash water produced on farms to be accounted for

There is also a new scenarios option to assess the impact of mitigation actions like diverting rainwater runoff or using a cover or separator, and a wider range of available bank slopes for earth-banked slurry stores and the ability to incorporate slurry bags have also been added.

Defra's Slurry Infrastructure grant application

Slurry Wizard is also part of Defra's Slurry Infrastructure Round 2 grant application (Round 1 is now closed for applications).

This grant is available to help replace, build additional or expand existing slurry stores to provide six months of storage, helping farmers improve the use of organic nutrients on farms and reduce pollution.

When applying, a copy of the farm's Slurry Wizard storage capacity calculation and rainfall data is required.

David Ball, AHDB Lead Environmental Scientist, said:

"AHDB recognises the value of slurry, with its unique value in nutrients and ability to reduce the need for artificial fertiliser, reduce input costs and reduce a farm's environmental impact.

"Using Slurry Wizard allows farmers to make the most of their slurry by calculating their current production and capacity and allowing them to explore different scenarios by providing them with a cost-benefit analysis for potential system changes, keeping them well informed in their decision making.

"Having sufficient, well-designed slurry storage is essential to make best use of organic manures and minimise harm to the environment. I would encourage all farmers to make use of the Slurry Wizard tools and, if they're considering investing in their slurry systems, to apply for a Defra grant."

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