10 February 2021

Arthur Owen is joined by consultant Dave Davies of Sileage Solutions for a detailed looked at maximising grass sileage quality

20 January 2021

Willie Baillie is joined by feed expert Jimmy Goldie of Carrs Billington to discuss profit drivers throughout all stages of the dairy herd

27 January 2021

Wallace and James Hendrie are joined by vet Dr Dave Gilbert who will be closely examining the spring-block-calving farms fertility performance

21 January 2021

Explore the benefits, options, strengths and weaknesses of dairy share farming partnerships as strategic dairy farmer Matthew Jackson is joined by a wealth of experienced partners ready to answer your questions.

21 December 2020

Tractor spraying a field

21 December 2020

Mixed stock beef and sheep

21 December 2020

Tractor ploughing a field

18 December 2020

This January, consumers will be encouraged to “Eat Balanced” with new advertising campaign.

11 December 2020

This webinar focuses on environmental and financial aspects to consider when using herbal leys.

10 December 2020

Statfold Farm is our latest all-year-round strategic dairy farm based in Staffordshire run by Andrew Gilman

14 December 2020

Intended to help veterinary professionals learn more about the Medicine Hub and discuss how they can promote the benefits of using the platform for recording antibiotic usage, across their ruminant client base.

24 November 2020

The GB Cattle and UK Sheep Health and Welfare Groups (CHAWG and SHAWG) have launched their final biennial industry reports, highlighting areas of focus to drive forward improvements in the health and welfare of cattle and sheep.