5 December 2023

December update of the 2023/24 GB milk forecast

4 December 2023

Management of DairyPro and PigPro moved from AHDB to BASIS, a registered charity, on Monday, 4 December 2023.

1 December 2023

The Food – a fact of life conference took place in Northern Ireland.

30 November 2023

Are turkeys out? – The cheaper price tags of alternative roast options like gammon and chicken may sway shoppers away from traditional turkey this year

30 November 2023

Answers to Dairy levy payer questions about Funding Your Future

7 December 2023

Over 150 GCSE students gained first-hand experience of the agricultural industry as part of a new conference aimed at educating schoolchildren about food provenance and healthy eating.

29 November 2023

Spring block-calving, grazing herd of 700 KiwiCross cows on 333 ha in Devon.

23 November 2023

Review of recent dairy exports

23 November 2023

In the third quarter of this year (July – September) calf registrations to dairy dams totalled 445,181 head, according to the latest BCMS data.

6 December 2023

Average sunshine hours hit a four-year low in July, which had significant impacts on consumer eating habits, particularly BBQs.

23 November 2023

ITN Business and AHDB have announced the launch of a news-style programme Farming a Greener Future

22 November 2023

AHDB has announced the appointment of Graham Wilkinson as its new Chief Executive Officer