17 February 2022

Join us for a focusing on harvesting maize and feeding it to livestock

10 February 2022

Join us for a webinar focusing on the agronomy of growing maize

3 February 2022

The key factors to consider when thinking about growing maize

19 January 2022

Latest forecasts suggest limited growth in milk supplies.

19 January 2022

UK dairy trade in 2021 continues to be down on the year overall, though there were some small signs of positivity in November

19 January 2022

The theme of 2021 has been rising farm input costs and it is looking unlikely to change in the new year.

15 February 2022

Ymunwch ag AHDB a Cyswllt Ffermio ar gyfer gweminar gyda’r ffermwyr llaeth strategol, John ac Anna Booth, i ddysgu sut i gynyddu gwydnwch eich busnes.

19 January 2022

Cattle and sheep producers are helping to demonstrate their stewardship credentials

15 February 2022

Join AHDB and Farming Connect for a webinar with strategic dairy farm hosts, John and Anna Booth, to find out how to increase business resilience.

20 January 2022

Ten new projects announced by AHDB and BBRSC

17 January 2022

Epidemiology of cryptosporidiosis in farm livestock, assessment of zoonotic risk and development of control strategies

14 January 2022

Once again, Christmas provided a positive lift for grocery sales, reaching £11.7 billion over the month of December according to Kantar.