3 July 2020

In an ever increasingly competitive environment dairy products are having to constantly innovate to maintain their place on the supermarket shelf.

28 July 2020

Join George Wade for the launch of our new autumn block calving strategic dairy farm in Leicestershire

3 July 2020

With the average pasture yields in the UK sitting at 8 t DM/ha, there is room for improvement, with the potential to grow over 10 t DM/ha on any system.

22 July 2020

AHDB is supporting a panel discussion from the British Grassland Society, featuring a conversation between Paul Muto, Natural England; Professor Chris Reynolds, University of Reading; Sam Lane, Cotswold Seeds and dairy farmer, Rob Richmond.

2 July 2020

This resource highlights the top priorities and actions of the dairy calf strategy and and will be reviewed at appropriate intervals

1 July 2020

Details for the genetic base change which was recalculated for all breeds in April 2020

15 July 2020

Financial pressures are a huge cause of stress and anxiety in the agriculture sector, which can compromise the mental health and wellbeing of any business owner

2 July 2020

Coronavirus is shaping new consumer behaviour

1 July 2020

The first dairy TV advert in 20 years as part of the Milk Your Moments campaign airs this week

8 July 2020

In the agriculture sector, there are numerous risk factors which can jeopardise the mental health and wellbeing of those working within it. Recognising the symptoms and starting the conversation can make such a difference to your outlook, as well as creating a support network for others.

20 July 2020

In the second of this series of webinars developed by the GrassCheckGB team, Robert Hassall from Handley Enterprises, and Dr Taro Takahashi, Rothamsted Research, highlight the value and importance of measuring grass, and how to get it right. Measuring grass effectively leads to better informed and more effective grassland management and grazing decisions.

30 June 2020

A contraction in world trade, uncertain UK trading conditions, domestic consumers changing how they consume dairy and ever-challenging weather extremes. In this article we take a long-term view of what could shape the UK dairy industry over the coming years, and how to best equip ourselves to take advantage.