9 February 2024

The Environment Agency is introducing changes to Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) requirements, find out what these could mean for you.

9 January 2024

New Defra guidance on BSE and animal feed storage

20 June 2024

Bluetongue is a non-contagious, viral disease affecting domestic and wild ruminants (primarily sheep and including cattle and goats), that is transmitted by insects, particularly biting midges.

14 November 2023

As winter approaches, getting youngstock housing in order is essential to prevent poor growth checks and increased risk of respiratory disease.

17 October 2023

AHDB has worked with industry experts to pull together best practice on youngstock housing. This guide covers legislation, the calf’s environment, housing design and systems that can be used to house your youngstock.

14 December 2023

Our Slurry Wizard tool is being updated to improve user experience as it is required once again for round two of Defra's Slurry Infrastructure grant application.

6 October 2023

It is essential that youngstock housing provides for calves' needs, ensuring health and performance are optimised and regulations complied with. This page discusses how layout and construction can be used to the affect.

6 October 2023

Feeding is one of the main tasks of calf husbandry, and it requires a lot of money, time and effort. Designing your housing to make feeding easier will greatly benefit you and your team

7 August 2023

The Environment Agency advises how farmers can maintain high rates of Environmental Permitting Regulation compliance.

13 March 2024

Advice on how best to help your sheep survive the cold weather.

27 July 2022

An introduction to light system management for the UK dairy farms including emerging lighting technologies, the benefits of Long Day Photoperiod (LDPP) and farmer case studies

17 November 2023

Read the case study for Holly Green Farm’s calf rearing system and how it works for them