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21 May 2024

A blog about keeping crops and trials on track at Strategic Cereal Farm North.

10 April 2024

Excess winter rainfall (EWR) data to help farmers fine-tune nitrogen applications in cereals and oilseed rape.

6 March 2024

A blog about cereal agronomy after a storm-filled autumn and winter.

19 February 2024

Estimated GB milk deliveries totalled 1,004 million litres in October, a drop of 29.2 million litres (2.8%) compared to the same month last year.

30 January 2024

GB milk production in July is estimated to have totalled 1,028 million litres with daily deliveries for the month averaging 33.16 million litres per day

27 April 2023

Experts have urged water companies and individuals to focus on preserving water now to get ahead of future dry spells, after the country experienced contrasting weather bouts over the past couple of months.

13 March 2024

Advice on how best to help your sheep survive the cold weather.

12 August 2022

Since our last update in June, average grass growth has been significantly affected by the weather and has generally worsened against 3-year averages for dairy, beef and sheep farms.

31 March 2023

A recent survey conducted by AHDB reveals that farmers are planning for their winter forage supplies earlier than last year. Sixty-six per cent of farmers who responded to the survey had good forage stocks, and only 31% were short of grass silage. Fewer farmers have forward bought straw compared to last year, although they have concerns for future straw availability, price and managing cash flows.

15 July 2021

As more farms transition to rotational grazing systems, providing shade for livestock during hot weather can be tricky due to a lack of trees or hedges.

4 June 2021

As the temperature begins to rise at last, remember that cows like to drink together, so water supplies should be sized to fit peak demand on a hot day.

16 June 2021

Having successfully dealt with a tricky start to spring, grass managers have two more challenges ahead: reducing supplements carefully during the mating season and managing a sudden surplus prudently.