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18 June 2019

Calculate rainfall-related mycotoxin scores and target T3 fungicide sprays in wheat

6 June 2019

Our analysts look at how the oilseeds market is expected to perform, using the latest available data

8 May 2019

Below average rainfall is triggering UK farmers and growers to adopt water savvy techniques early in the year, to be prepared should another agricultural drought hit.

29 April 2019

Useful advice to help livestock farmers, deal with, or plan for, water supply disruption.

29 March 2019

These alerts can help guide the application of protectant fungicides to oilseed rape.

29 March 2019

Each spring, the autumn forecast is updated to take account of winter rainfall

13 March 2019

Aphids will start to fly about two weeks earlier than average this year.

27 February 2019

2018 is likely to be remembered for some extreme weather. But how will that affect farming in 2019?

27 February 2019

The weather in the last year has been more challenging than most - how are its effects being felt farming?

29 March 2019

Know when to apply control measures using pest modelling and weather data

29 March 2019

The extreme weather of 2018 has made its mark on pork, beef and lamb production, according to AHDB’s latest Red Meat Outlooks.