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3 March 2021

With temperatures plummeting down to as low as -18C in Texas, how has this impacted on the beef and dairy industries?

25 February 2021

GB daily deliveries dropped back in the week ending 13 February, reflecting the colder weather during this period.

6 November 2020

October has seen lift in overall tonnage traded, increasing 17% from September based on material moving through our weekly average price survey (WAPS) sample. Yet, the tonnage traded still lags 9% from the same period last year.

29 October 2020

To minimise wastage this winter, go back to basics and assess housing, as well as looking at alternatives.

2 October 2020

Joey Malone helped start a new 650-cow spring-block herd near Lockerbie three years ago, after working in New Zealand, and says he’s learnt a lot about managing grass in proper Scottish wet weather.

9 October 2020

Well-drained soils lead to earlier turnout, more grazing days and higher grass yields. After a year of weather extremes, walking the platform this winter to see where it lies wet and analysing grass-growth records from underperforming paddocks will help locate any drainage issues.

6 November 2020

The variable weather this year has been reflected in this year's grass silage crop.

6 November 2020

Following the prolonged dry weather this summer, AHDB conducted a fodder stock survey, which aimed to collect information on the current stock levels across the UK. There were 110 responses, with the majority of respondents living in the South West of England.

6 November 2020

If you are short on silage or worried about straw supplies for winter, now is the time to work out whether outwintering in-calf heifers could save you some money.

27 August 2020

The protection of container grown nursery stock during the winter months is an essential component of quality production systems. Although recent winters have been relatively mild, a substantial quantity of container stock is frequently lost or downgraded due to winter injury. Such losses are often linked to waterlogged containers, a lack of effective winter protection and, most notably, inadequate conditioning of plants prior to the winter period. This factsheet considers the principal causes of winter damage and details practical measures that growers can take to reduce losses.

20 August 2020

Extreme weather can quickly affect soil conditions and crops. During periods of drought or prolonged rainfall famers and growers often ask AHDB how they should be managing their soils.

7 August 2020

Livestock farmers are encouraged to forward buy or secure their straw requirement, or look at alternative bedding options for this coming winter, sooner rather than later.