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For anyone involved in agriculture, adapting to the vagaries of the weather is a constant. Stay up-to-date with the latest advice on planning for and coping with weather events of all kinds. 

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Could this be one of the wettest autumns on record? Two farmers tell us about the actions they’ve taken to protect their farms during extreme rainfall.

Five years after the Somerset Levels floods, cereals and beef farmer James Winslade reveals how social media anchored the news agenda around the troubles, which helped protect his business today.

With reservoirs fully topped up after the drought, South Lincolnshire grower David Hoyles tells us about the decisions he’s made to reduce damage to water logged land and manage labour.

Using insight from the markets, AHDB’s Phil Bicknell will share how this season’s potato harvest has fared. He talks about the relationship of farmgate prices with retail and the implications for early season planting and livestock production.

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