Cereals & Oilseeds

17 April 2024

In March 2024, annual food price inflation in the UK fell to 3.9%, down from 5% in February and well below the 19.6% a year earlier according to the latest Consumer Prices Index (CPI). Food price inflation remains ahead of overall CPI which was 3.2% for March 2024.

17 April 2024

Oat exports appear to be starting to slow following a strong period through autumn/ winter, import of wheat and barley up on the year.

17 April 2024

With the latest data showing that not only is inflation falling in the UK, but also that the price of some food items including meat actually falling, speculation regarding when and by how much interest rates will start coming down is increasing.

17 April 2024

We answer key questions to help growers adapt to the new requirements.

18 June 2024

Join ADAS and AHDB to see the plot demonstrations and discuss pests, weeds and diseases with technical updates and experts on hand.

11 June 2024

Stop at our stand to pick up free resources, chat to staff and take part in technical debates

18 June 2024

Join us at Chalk Pyt for the concluding meeting of Ben’s tenure as a monitor farmer.

13 June 2024

You are invited to Steanbow Farm to join us for the launch of Mike and Neil Christensen’s tenure as new monitor farmers.

4 June 2024

Join us for a summer farm walk at Cheltenham Monitor Farm where we will catch up on what has been happening at the Monitor Farm since we last met.

16 April 2024

The UK is estimated to produce approximately 40% of its nitrogen fertiliser requirement, while the remaining 60% is relied upon from imports (AIC). In June 2022, CF Fertilisers UK announced the permanent closure for one of their two UK fertiliser plants, though considering wider fertiliser production, Yara have plans for a new fertiliser plant in Yorkshire to be operational producing foliar nutrients by the end of 2025.

21 June 2024

Join us for a summer farm walk at the Vale of Glamorgan Monitor Farm, hosted by Richard Anthony, where we will look at the cropping for harvest 2024 with stimulating discussions around the season so far.

15 April 2024

Mixed global grain price movements last week, with US and domestics markets pressured, but Paris wheat futures supported.